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Privacy Policy


  1. We take our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and all related regulations ("the Act") very seriously and have taken steps to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act.

  2. This Privacy Policy sets out the principles governing our use of your Personal Data. By registering to use the services available on our website (the "Site") and by using the Site generally, you agree to the principles set out below. Defined terms in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in the User Agreement and the Act.

  3. What Personal Data do we collect and why

  4. When you register and use the Site, we will ask you to provide certain data, such as your contact details and demographic information. We may supplement the information that you provide us with information we receive from our Service Providers and/or other third parties.

  5. The principal purposes for which we process and store your Personal Data are:

  6. Full details of the purposes are set out in our Data Protection registration.

  7. As part of our customer service we may also share all your Data with our partner The Schools Health Education Unit.

  8. Use of Cookies

  9. For details of our policy on cookies please see our Security Policy.

  10. Security of your Personal Data

  11. For details of our policy on security and personal data please see our Security Policy.

  12. Communications between us

  13. We may intercept, record and/or monitor any communication(s) (including telephone calls or other electronic communications) between you and us. We may do so in order to resolve queries in the future and for the purposes of ensuring security, staff training and complying with our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

  14. In the case of communications by email you should note that as emails are not currently encrypted (and may therefore be intercepted by third parties) and as the identity of the sender cannot be confirmed you must NOT provide your security details by email and should avoid providing any Personal Data to us by email. We will not provide Personal Data to you be email.

  15. Obtaining copies of and changing your Personal Data

  16. In the event that you wish to see a copy of your Personal Data held by us please visit the "Details" page on the Site.

  17. We will amend or delete any Personal Data relating to you which is found to be incorrect or not relevant in accordance with the Act. If you are aware of any changes that should be made to your Personal Data please visit the "Details" page on the Site as soon as possible.